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So you would like to become an Airline Pilot, but don't know Where & How to start? Do not worry, I will guide you from Zero, until you become an Airline Pilot! You are about to learn more about World's best selling Pilot Training & Book & Kit. 3 in 1. 

 Who am I?

I am a PILOT since 7 years, 2 years of student stage, 5 years as an Airline Pilot. I currently fly as Boeing 737-800 Pilot for a Private Company. I aimed to help people all around the world achieving their dreams. I worked really hard to write this book and bring it into your hands. Please take your time read descriptions, this book is written very clearly to guide you from ZERO until you fly for an Airline! While writing this book, over 50+ people involved, questioned. On the other hand, I provided only my own study techniques & tactics, as they are the key factors of my success.


This is the best training kit, guide and book (3in1) you can ever find for this price. It aimed to guide you with zero knowledge, and teach you everything step by step with life-time experiences and explanations.

I walked on this road before you, so I know the
difficulties, and problems you will face. Why should you struggle during your training whereas you can TRAIN yourself with a fantastic Book? There is no point of wasting your time
with blogs,
forums or any other kind of pages. They will not provide you what you need. What you need is: to be guided by a professional Airline Pilot.

 Content Page
Book is written in 4 main parts and 50+ sub parts, to explain everything step by step.  

Before Flight School: This is the most important part of the book. It is the time, that you will build up your aviation infrastructure. Moreover, this part will help you to find a suitable flight school for your training programme. Also, it will help you to prepare your self for the journey. In other words, you will be 2 or 3 steps beyond from everyone else!

During Flight School: This section gives you all the tactics I used from the beginning until the end of flight training course. It provides you ATPL question solving and studying techniques too. In addition, you will be able to find out how to prepare for flights. Would you like to be 5 steps ahead during your trainings? Well, this book will make you 10 steps AHEAD.

Type Rating - Finding a Job: All the key subjects about type rating can be found in this section. I briefly explained the most important subjects that will make you successful! This book will make you even more successful during and after the simulator trainings. 
Hey don't you wonder what is expecting you during your type rating? Let me take you 2-3 steps ahead before you even start it! 

Others & Bonuses: In this section, I shared each document I used before and during my trainings. Using the proper application and document will make you successful faster. Also, there is a Frequently Asked Questions & Answers section as well as medical requirements (You can find all details about Pilot Medical Requirements).

 Just a quick Heads up for you, Do you have questions like below?

How to become an Airline Pilot from Zero?
How can I find if I am eligible or not?
What are the Medical Requirements?
How can I find a job?
How can I prepare myself to Pilot Interviews?
How much it will cost?
What is my salary going to be?
Is it too hard to become an Airline Pilot?
What are the Stages?
Can I find a scholarship?
How long it takes to become a Pilot?
How to select a suitable Flight School?
How can I find Cheap Flight School?
Is it possible to graduate my pilot course fast?
Can I become a Pilot without finishing High School or College?
What documents should I use?
Where to start studying?
Which applications I should have?
What are the stages of Type Rating?
What are the stages of Flight School Training?
How much hour should I fly?
What should I expect during my Flight School training?
Should I develop my English?
What kind of skills I should have before Flight School?
I am 20+, 30+, 40+ years old, Can I still become a Pilot?
How can I become a Cadet Pilot?
Which country should I study?
How can I be 1-2 steps ahead during my training?
So you don't know which aircraft to fly for?

Book also covers;
Boeing 737
Airbus A320
ATR Type Ratings and even more!



Becoming an airline pilot was the best moment of my life..

I am living the dream, enjoying my life every day..

Why don't you start your amazing career today?

Simply, buy the book and enjoy being guided by an experienced Airline Pilot!


 How to pay?

You will be able to buy it using your Credit Card or PayPal. 

How to download?

Once you complete your checkout on PayPal page, you will be re-directed back to the website. The system will generate a DOWNLOAD LINK just for you. It may take up to 5-10 minutes. Also the link will be e-mailed to you. Make sure you check your spam/pop folders too. Simple isn't it?

 How to read?

It is a PDF file. You can read it on any Smart Phone, device, tablet or PC. All you need is an Adobe reader or PDF reader on your PC. Android and iOS devices support PDF reading by their default applications. The book is optimised to be read on any device, or you can print it out like a book!

 Do you have questions before buying it?

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